During Wasedasai2012, programs bellow will be held.

Indoor Programs

Various events such as music lives, lecture meetings and academic presentations will take place at Waseda Campus (including Okuma Auditorium, Ono Azusa Hall) ,Toyama Campus (including Student Union) and each buildings on both campuses.

Toyama Art Program

Many of organizations and individuals working on artistic activities are turning the inside of Toyama Campus into an amazingly fantastic place by displaying their own artworks. All visitors will get to see diversity of the artworks including pictures, calligraphy(Japanese-shodou), poems, japanese-haiku, graphics, sculptures and more!


The “performances” will be held both in front of building 11 and 14.” Audiences will get to see high level and sophisticated performances such as dance, juggling, and so on.

Street Programs

This program provides “street performance” and also sells publications created by the groups participating. In addition there is a free-market where all visitors will get to purchase varieties of goods. The program also has an event that the visitors are able to actually participate in as a player.

Food Stands

More than 100 booths will sell various foods & drinks all around Waseda Campus and Toyama Campus. You will definitely enjoy the wide variety of foods.

Okuma Auditorium Front Stage Program

There will be a “performance” that takes place on the stage located in front of the Okuma Auditorium.

Memorial Hall Program

There will be a huge stage program that takes place inside the Memorial Hall. Don't miss it!


“Pre-week” is a program held 3 days before Wasedasai, in order to show some performances ahead of schedule.

Not only are audiences able to see each groups’ performance individually but also a limited collaboration among those groups which you would never see again.

People are all getting ready to make the Waseda Festival the most exciting event!


Over 1000 Waseda students will gather around Okuma Auditorium and boost each of their motivation toward the Wasedasai.

Why not be part of the most excited and hottest event?


“PAREDREAM 2012” is one of the most entertaining programs which is consisted of 600 people from both participants and graduates. You cannot miss the end of the parade where both participators and audiences can share a great time!!

Waseda Business Cup

In this program, 5 teams perform presentation about a business plan that allows urban city universities to become more active. The aim of the program is to let people know more about Waseda. All of the participators and judges ether have certain some kind of connection to Waseda or will be a graduate of Waseda.

"Waseda x Region" (discussion)

In this program, we invite undergraduate students from Waseda University and store owners around Waseda area. We listen and discuss about the "Waseda City" with the people who have lived around the campus and has supported the student lives for many years.Would you like to know hidden stories about Waseda culture that nobody else would ever know?

Behind the scenes of Wasedasai

If you would like to know the backyard of “Wasedaisai” you should grab a chance to have a talk with the Wasedasai Management Staff!! You will get to know how we run this festival, how much money is spent…etc.